Happy Masturbation Month!

May 09, 2018

Who doesn’t love a little self love? Cleis Press is here to help get your engines roaring this Masturbation Month with a giveaway for a signed copy of The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex: All You Need to Know about Masturbation by the wonderful Jenny Block! Get rubbin’! I mean readin’!

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May's Exclusive Excerpt: In the Ring by James Lear

Apr 30, 2018

We’ve followed Dan Stagg through the fires of war, and now we follow him though “death” and into a new life as a modern-day, brusque, ex-marine version of James Bond. Did I mention he was gay? And that he has the sex drive of a genuine blue-ribbon stud horse? (From the sounds of it, he has the package to match, too.)

Secretly alive after being “killed-in-action” in the last book,  Dan’s acerbic and “looking-for-love-in-all-the-wrong-places” self cannot help but to sign up for a top-secret mission from the CIA. He is spirited off to London to infiltrate a boxing ring – one with suspected ties to conservative terrorists groups that are set to strike at the heart of progressive movements and organizations.

As Dan says himself, “Fucking got me thrown out of the corps, and now it’s my biggest asset?” Luckily for him, his new life turns into something even better as he gets to literally fuck and fight his way into and out of a plethora of sticky situations. To make matters even hotter, Dan has a certain level of disrespect for authority–like that bad boy from high school. You know the one. The one you still secretly think of in your more. . . private. . . moments.

The arena was getting busy, people pushing past us as they made their way to their seats, hands full of plastic glasses of beer. On the other side of the private door, everything was quiet.

“Just come through here.” He held open another door, and suddenly we were in a warm, carpeted area, low lights, the distant hum of voices. “The press room is just round the corner. I think they’re doing photos or something. Toilets are down here.”

I followed him through the door with the male symbol on it. Two tiny urinals, a hand basin, and a cubicle that was barely big enough for an adult to turn around in. “Thanks, Oz. I won’t be long.” I stood at the pisser, undid my pants, and flopped my cock out. I was going to have to produce something to give myself credibility. I closed my eyes, thought about waterfalls, and managed a short, steady stream.

“Suppose I might as well go too, while I’m here. Don’t know when I’ll get another chance.” He was beside me, just as I had hoped, pulling the elasticated waist of his track pants down, hauling out a decent-sized dick. With all the crap he was carrying—clipboards, laminates, and so on—he had to manage it with just one hand. He pushed his hips forward and pissed a little against the porcelain. I’d finished, but was making very certain I’d shaken off all the drops. Oz glanced down at me; I was on the way to being half hard, and it looked big. Distracted, he let the clipboard slip from where it was held under his arm; in trying to catch it, he splashed piss over his pants.

“Oh, shit. Sorry.”

“It’s okay. You didn’t get me.” I didn’t put my cock away, even though there was now no reason for me to have it out. Oz stepped back from the urinal and started brushing himself down. “Here, let me help.” I took the stuff he was carrying, and held it for him, making sure I didn’t block his view.

“Thanks, Greg. Fucking hell. What a mess.”

There was an electric hand dryer on the wall, the sort with a directional spout. “Come here. Stand under that.”

I hit the button, and Oz tried to angle the damp patch on his pants towards the hot air. He was too far away, and in trying to wriggle around into the right position he exposed his furry brown ass. My dick was getting hard in earnest now.

“You need to get closer.”

He stood on tiptoe, even jumped up. “I can’t.” The wet patch was a very visible dark gray.

“Here.” I put my arms around his waist from behind and lifted him so the hot air was blasting straight on to the affected area, flattening the black hair on his thighs like wind blowing through corn. Coincidentally, this position also brought my cock into contact with his ass. I braced my legs and held him, making sure he could feel my growing hardness.

“That’s . . . oh . . . that’s great . . .”

“We’re nearly there.”

“Yeah. Just . . . just keep going a bit . . . longer . . .” A bit longer and I’d have been slipping my cock into him, and he knew it. But when the worst of the wetness had disappeared, I lowered him to his feet. He was rock hard, sticking straight up, and he tried to bend over to conceal it. I didn’t bother.

“It’s okay, dude. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Look.” I smacked the underside of my cock a few times, made it bounce against my belly. “Guys get stiff all the time, right?”

“I know . . . it’s just . . . I mean, some people are like . . . you know . . .”

“Uptight about it? They’re assholes. It’s cool. You’re cute. You have a nice ass.”

“Oh, I . . . er . . . yeah . . .”

Poor kid was so horny and mortified and confused I thought he was going to cum on the spot. But that wouldn’t do. I had to keep him keen. I stuffed my hard dick back into my pants, and buttoned up. He looked heartbroken.

“You better put that away before someone comes in. Here.” I grabbed hold of his cock, squeezed it hard, and pulled his pants up over it. “Now think about your mother. That usually does the trick.”

He stood like a stunned cow, hands hanging by his sides.

“Come on, Oz. Wake up.” I gave back his stuff. He frowned, and tried to pull himself together. “You’ve got my number, right? Now, let me go watch the fight.”

“Oh . . . okay.”

Poor kid needed to cum so badly, and he’d felt my dick rubbing against his ass, and nothing would be right in his world until I’d fucked him. That was just how I wanted him. Mission accomplished.

“Call me, and we’ll fix up a proper training session.”


“And put in a good word for me with your boss. I need a job.”


I moved towards the door. Oz looked as if he was going to start crying. “Oh, for Christ’s sake. Come here.” I grabbed him by the back of the neck, pulled him in, and kissed him hard on the mouth, pushing my tongue in. He staggered back against the wall and I pressed on, thrusting my groin against him. “You do what I say, and I’ll fuck your sweet ass until you can’t stand up.” I let him go. “Call me, Oz.”

I left him to compose himself, and made my way out to the auditorium.

In the Ring by James Lear can be purchased any place where books and ebooks are sold: AmazoniTunesBarnes & NobleGoogle PlayKobo, and more!

You can read more about In the Ring and James Lear here.

Need to know more about Dan? Or have a pressing need to fulfill your completionist tendencies? You can check out the first two books of The Dan Stagg Mystery series, The Hardest Thing and Straight Up.

Don’t forget to tell your friends on Goodreads!

Happy reading 😉


Five Signs You Might Be a Submissive

Apr 09, 2018

Vanilla (adj. vəˈnilə): A person (typically heterosexual) who prefers basic sexual intercourse within a committed romantic relationship. Vanilla people have no interest in “unusual” sexualities or kinky behavior (The Cleis Press Sextionary).

You may have been called “vanilla” or used the term to describe yourself, but what if (and considering the scope human sexuality it may not be THAT big of an “if”) you were more? What if there was a hidden desire just under the surface that is itching to be scratched, explored, and opened up for your enjoyment and the pleasure of others/your partner? Maybe you secretly are a submissive or have one or two never uttered submissive kinks that send off little explosions of interest in your nether regions?

Whether you know about the BDSM scene or if you only encountered BDSM through the box office hit and bestseller, Fifty Shades of Grey, maybe it’s time you did a little exploring yourself?

While there are tons of options to explore in the BDSM scene, let’s start small…

You might be a submissive if:

  1. You like being in charge.

“I want you to write down exactly how you want me to fuck you tonight, darling.”

“Words” by Jo Henny Wolf

Most people may think that a Dom/Domme is the one in charge of a given sex scene. In reality, it is the submissive that will set the tone, lay the ground rules, and set the limits. So if you are the kind of person who loves to plan and then sit back, relax, and watch the fruits of their labor unfold, you may really enjoy experimenting as a submissive!

  1. You enjoy roleplaying (or at least the idea of it).

“On her wedding day, her mother confided that a good wife must find it in her heart to submit gladly to her husband’s desire. She never said how easy that would be.”

— “The Back Room at the Saloon” by Donna George Storey

Ever imagine yourself as an obedient house wife/husband that succumbs to the wishes of his/her lover? A damsel in distress to a shining knight? Or even a doctor’s filthy, little patient? Guess what? In each of those scenarios, there is someone who is a Top (the dominant) and someone who is a bottom (the submissive).

  1. You are stubborn by nature.

“Above all things, you challenge Sir to break your composure; toying with him this way is your idea of a game night.”

— “Symphony of Submission” by Jordan Monroe

While some people want to be in charge, others are just stubborn. If you are stubborn, ask yourself, “Am I stubborn because I want someone to push back? To challenge me?” If your answer is yes, you just might be a sub. A naughty submissive may displease their Dom/Domme/Master/Mistress on purpose in order to push a pre-defined boundary a little further by disobeying an order.

  1. Sometimes… you need a little push to be as naughty as you want to be.

“For him to grapple with an idea meant that I would, too. For when he pushed himself, he pushed me. When he surrendered to his true nature, I yielded entirely to mine.”

— “Lashed” by Dr. J.

Have you often found yourself in a social setting fantasizing about that dark and brooding hunk in the corner or that super-sexy lady at the center of attention? Or have you had difficulty telling your partner that the scene in the movie you watched last night really turned you on and you want to try it? Regardless of the situation, do you find yourself… wanting to be ravaged by your hearts desire? Do you wish they could just read your mind and know all the filthy things you could never utter? Sometimes all a submissive needs is a push to really let go and embrace their hidden urges.

  1. You feel as if you’ve run out of Vanilla options to explore.

‘“And our regular sex doesn’t do that for you?’

My eyes open at the sad tone in your voice. No. That’s not what I mean. “Our sex is wonderful.” Always. “This is just…” I shrug. ‘A fantasy.’ One I would only trust to someone like you.”

—“The Framework of Fantasy” by Sonni de Soto

Were you always the girl/boy with the hottest sexual exploits that are always the envy of your friends? Sex on the deck of a cruise ship at night under the moonlight? Check. Threesome? Check. Orgy? Been there, done that. Even if you have never been into the parts of BDSM popularized by Fifty Shades of Grey there are so many other sides to BDSM and being submissive.

This list was inspired by The Big Book of Submission, Volume 2: 69 Kinky Tales edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

This book can be purchased any place where books and ebooks are sold: Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, and more!


Cleiss Press also offers a wide variety of instructional guidebooks on getting into and/or perfecting the art of the bedroom. Here are some titles that may be of interest to you:

As Kinky as You Wanna Be: Your Guide to Safe, Sane and Smart BDSM

The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic

The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy: How to Turn Your Fantasies into Reality

The Ultimate Guide to Sex Toys

The Ultimate Guide to Bondage: Creating Intimacy through the Art of Restraint

The Cleis Press Sextionary


March's Exclusive Excerpt, Part II: Cowboy Up

Mar 06, 2018

Shane Allison has done it again in Cowboy Up: Gay Erotic Stories–another stellar collection of the hottest gay erotic stories all set in rural America where the stillness of nature is in direct opposition to the feirce passion of the sweaty, muscular cowboys in this volume. Each expertly written story allows these rustic men to give way to their desire, whether it be their new farmhand or a poor lost city boy. In fact, in this excerpt from “The Naked Cowboy” by Shane Allison, Antwan, a city-boy himself, is forced to depend on the kindness of strangers, namely Heath, a lonely, down-on-his-luck ranch owner outside of Tallahassee. Little does Antwan know that Heath is eager to offer him more than a cold beer and conversation…

I had figured Heath wasn’t from here. They don’t make them as beautiful as him in Tally. “I didn’t think that you were from here. You don’t look like somebody I went to high school with. I’m forever running into people I went to school with. I was just telling my friend, AJ, that I get sick of running into people that—”

“Antwan, has anyone ever told you, you talk too much?” Heath’s remark was a shock to hear if not ballsy on his behalf to say.

“I know. My mama tells me that all the time. My friends say that I don’t let people get a word in edgewise. I go on and on. Would you believe that I was a shy kid growing up?”

“Antwan?” Heath said.
“Shut up and come over here. I can barely make you out sittin’ all the way down there.” Heath padded his knee. “Come have a seat.”

I thought Heath’s request was weird if not random. “Actually, I’m good. These kitchen chairs are pretty comfortable. Good and…sturdy. Strong legs. Did you make these yourself?”

“Enough with the small talk. I’m not asking; get your ass over here.”

Being that Heath’s gun was leaning against the side of the refrigerator behind him, I didn’t want to risk what would happen if I refused him. I took another swig of my beer, got up, and walked over to the end of the table Heath was sitting. He tapped his sinewy leg, motioning for me to take a seat. “I’m pretty heavy. Are you sure—” Before I could finish my sentence, Heath grabbed me and pulled me into his lap.

“That’s better. How does that feel?”

“Fine, other than the fact that the last time I sat on anybody’s lap, I was seven and he went by the name Santa Claus.” Heath chuckled before he took another drink from his beer, his full, pink lips tight around the rim of the bottle. His hands were lthy, with grit under his nails from all his hard work.

Heath rested his arm around the lower part of my back. “Things got bad when I had to put my daddy in a home. Caught the same thing my granddaddy did, Alzheimer’s. I tried to take care of him for a while, but I couldn’t give him the care he needed. Last thing he ever said to me was that he regretted having a faggot for a son.”

“Jesus, Heath, that’s awful.”

“I mean it was the disease talking. Other than the suits from the bank, I don’t get a lot of visitors out here, so it’s nice to have some good company.” I met Heath’s gaze as he supported me in his lap. His arms and shoulders were huge and strong, glistening with sweat. Heath ran a finger along my jaw. He pulled me to him and kissed me. His lips were wet and supple against mine. I could taste the beer when he slipped his tongue in my mouth. Heath ran his hand under my shirt, making my dick stir in my shorts as he traipsed my nips with a couple of dirty fingers. I felt his hard-on twitch through his jeans under my ass. “Let’s go upstairs,” he said.



March's Exclusive Excerpt, Part I: The Juliette Society, Book III: The Mismade Girl

Mar 06, 2018

Some of you may be familiar with Miss Sasha Grey, former adult star best known for her meteoric rise to stardom and her appearance in a widely cited episode of Entourage. Little did you know that after leaving that career behind, Sasha went on to pen The Juliette Society series in which the main character, Catherine, finds herself going through a metamorphosis much like Sasha herself, but, arguably, in reverse.

The first volume, The Juliette Society (published by Sphere, now Little Brown) received rave reviews from Cosmopolitan UK, Independent, and The Sun, among many others. The quality of these books, and the eroticly tantalizing story, only improved in Book II, The Janus Chamber. Now, The Mismade Girl is a thrilling, literary (but still 0-so-perfectly darkly erotic) culmination to the series. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by this uniquely high-brow and suspenseful approach to erotic fiction that does more than just surprise you with the hottest scenes, but welcomes you to challenge a few realities.

Wether you’ve been waiting for this third and final installment, or if you are hearing about it for the first time, Sasha’s writing allows you to dive right in to Catherine’s most recent exploits…



I can’t believe my date brought—and left—me here. He probably won’t even notice the fact that I’ve left since he cares about one thing only tonight. Screw this, I’m out. Even if he rallied and came back more charming than ever, I’m not eager for the taste of his post- nasal drip on my tongue from his goodnight kiss. I root around in my purse to grab my phone and order a rideshare when a stranger leaning against the wall by the front door catches my eye.

His dark blond curls give him an almost cherubic air, but the look in his eyes cancels it out, confidence bordering arrogance, and a smirk that makes promises my body decides it wants him to keep. I’d say he’s a few years older than me, but something about his demeanor screams experience.

He’s a man in a house filled with dudes, and it’s very appealing.

I sip from my cup, painfully aware how hard it is to seem cool and sophisticated while drinking from red plastic.

He prowls over to me, directly, confidently, saying with his body “I noticed you, you noticed me, let’s not play coy.” He holds out his hand and I take it, noting the firm grip. “I’m Dominick. Nice to meet you.”

“Catherine,” I reply.

“Your date must be an idiot, leaving you all alone in a place like this.”

I smile, not wanting to insult my date, but charity only goes so far. “I think he’s in the bathroom.”

Dominick inclines his head, getting it. “Then he’s even dumber to waste your time while he does that shit. Your boyfriend?”

I shake my head.

He grins. “Want to get out of here?”

I contemplate leaving my date without even saying goodbye. In Seconds, a John Frankenheimer movie, there’s a really great line I like that someone says to rock Hudson after he awakes with his new face, having been given a second chance in life: “You are alone in the world, absolved of all responsibility, except your own interest.”

That’s exactly how I feel right now. For a while, I’ve been alone in the world, drifting aimlessly. We’re all ultimately alone, despite the connections we make along the way to other people. And while the statement seems like it’s giving permission for a free-for-all, it’s really not encouraging you to hurt others. See, if we’re at our happiest— psychopaths aside—we’re good people. Doing things for ourselves that make us our highest form, our very best, only makes the world a better place. Sort of like Transcendental Meditation in a way, I suppose, but we can justify any choice with self-serving reasons if we try hard enough.

Would Jacob truly be sad if I went home with Dominick? Maybe. But I doubt it, and the way he was treating me wasn’t respectful, what with the lack of care about me tonight, bringing me to a boring party like this and then disappearing. Anything could have happened.


I follow Dominick outside.

Something is going to happen when Dominick drops me off at home. I’ll make sure of that.


February's Exclusive Excerpt

Feb 12, 2018


Why hello there again, erotica lovers!

This month we have an extra special morsel for you to savor. Whether you’ve seen her in action, read one of her articles, or seen her win an award (of which she has won MANY, most recently at the AVN’s and XBIZ), you’ll know that Joanna Angel has that special something that most stars (or even people for that matter) rarely have. She’s not only unnaturally, naturally super attractive, but she has the brains and the sense of humor to match.

It’s no wonder that this insanely cool, down-to-earth renaissance woman wanted to adventure into writing erotica. And let me tell you, I am sure glad she did! If a feel-good comedy on FOX could have TONS of explicit scenes, there is no doubt in my mind that her debut novel, Night Shift: A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Fantasywould be the font of information and sex through which the first season flowed. Funny… Arousing… Oddly reminiscent of one’s youth… Here’s a little taste of what you can look forward to.

Happy reading 😉

“Taryn, are you a unicorn?”


“Oh, ha, ha, no I’m not special or anything. I’m just, you know, doing my job. Unless, you were asking if I was literally a unicorn—but I don’t think those actually exist.”

Damn it, I was losing her! I can’t ruin this now, I’ve gotta think of something clever to say.

But before I could utter another word, she leaned in and kissed me. Her big dark lips tasted like peaches, because of her lip-gloss. I was in shock. I could smell her perfume, it was a bubble-gum scent, but a sophisticated one. I could feel her soft skin, silky but almost plastic.

“You’re new in this lifestyle aren’t you?” She smirked at me.

“Yeah, kind of. I guess you can say that.”

“Why don’t you join us?” she said, and then she kissed me again, more intensely this time. With her silky dress, giant breasts, and fake hair, it felt like kissing a Barbie doll. It was definitely nice fake hair, that moved like hair and looked like hair, but I could feel little pieces of tape in her head where the hairpiece attached.

Would Amanda be proud of me if I joined? I got more aroused by imagining this as some kind of sexual test I had to pass in order to get her to come back, a hurdle in an obstacle course of cock and pussy that I had to conquer to get the prize. I was up for the challenge.

I nodded a hopefully seductive “Yes” to answer her question.

Chuck returned with a toy in his hand; I’m so glad he picked that one, now that I was (hopefully) joining in. I’d always wanted to use one of those, but I never thought I’d have the chance. Chuck and Cherise scanned each other, Cherise tilting her head toward me, raising an eyebrow in an almost sinister look, as if asking “shall we bring a mouse for us cats to play with?” Chuck looked at me seriously for the first time that night, observing my body like a chef picking out his meat for the night’s special. Finally, he nodded his approval; they came over, each grabbed one of my hands, and guided me into the room.

To read about Chuck grabbing a riding crop, turn to page 177. 

To read about Chuck grabbing a strap-on, turn to page 184.


January's Exclusive Excerpt

Jan 09, 2018

This month Cleis Press is excited to announce the official publication of our newest book, The Big Book of Submission, Volume 2: 69 Kinky Tales edited by the erotica maven herself, Rachel Kramer Bussel. Rachel is hardly ever one to steal the spotlight, but we felt it was her time to shine as a writer, as well as an editor. To show our appreciation to our devoted fans and voracious readers, we invite you, nay, we ORDER you to enjoy this luscious excerpt from one of her own short stories in this collection, “Choker.” You liked that didn’t you? Well… don’t change your panties just yet…

When I thought I’d just about collapse with my need, my pussy clenched so tight I wasn’t even sure if his cock could t there should he change course, he guided me up for a deep kiss, his lips bruising mine before he gave me a slap across the face that made tears and a smile leap to my face.

Raul untied my wrists, and then made me crawl ahead of him up the stairs, until I was once again kneeling, this time on the bed, blindfolded. Having won back the use of my hands, I wrapped them around his shaft, guiding them up and down. But within a few minutes, he’d instructed me to squeeze his balls, and was slamming his dick in and out of my mouth, the way we both like it.

That’s when I felt it—fingers probing my pussy. I held back my startled reaction, because an even more urgent one was rushing on its heels—sheer arousal. The other times we’d played with other people, it had always been prearranged by both of us. Clearly, this was a special treat for me. “I didn’t tell you to stop,” Raul growled, giving my hair an extra-hard tug as he pulled me up, while the unknown person’s fingers not only plunged deeper, but also played with my clit.




Best Women's Erotica of the Year Deadline Extended!

Jan 03, 2018

From the book series’ website:

To everyone who previously submitted work to Volume 4, you can expect to hear back by September 30, 2018. If you have any questions, contact editor Rachel Kramer Bussel at bweoftheyear at gmail dot com and she will get back to you ASAP.

Call for Submissions – Extension

Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 4

To be published by Cleis Press in December 2018

Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Make sure to read and follow the guidelines in full. Guidelines may be updated over the course of the open submission period. Feel free to repost these guidelines as long as you link to this site (, which will always contain the most up-to-date version of these guidelines. For occasional BWE submission tips, follow @BWEoftheyear on Twitter.

This is an extension of the original call; if you already submitted work, it’s still being considered and you will hear back by September 30, 2018. If you previously submitted one story, you can submit one more; all authors can submit a total of two stories.

This anthology is open to women, genderqueer and nonbinary authors only. I’m seeking 2,00-4,000 word original, unpublished erotic stories with women, genderqueer or nonbinary protagonists that touch on the theme of outsiders or the theme of risk. Stories without one of those elements will be rejected.

What I’m specifically looking for:

Erotica stories relating to current events (but that will still be sexy to readers in 20 years)

Ownvoices erotica stories (author and protagonist share a marginalized identity – for more information, see originator of the term)

Stories with transgender women as protagonists

Stories exploring a specific culture (see “On the Calendar” by Kate Sebastian in Volume 2 for an example)

Stories starring women who feel like outsiders because of an aspect of their sexuality

Stories starring women over 50

Historical erotica (see “Demimonde” by Valerie Alexander in Volume 1 for an example)

Humorous erotica (see “Starstruck” by Lazuli Jones in Volume 1 for an example)

As in prior volumes, I want your best, boldest, hottest, most creative and diverse 2,000-4,000 word erotica stories, written by and starring a wide range of women, genderqueer and non binary characters, from single to coupled, living in big cities and small towns anywhere in the world, of varying sexual orientations, races, ages (all characters must be 18+ for the entirety of the story), fetishes, jobs, interests and life experiences. First, second and third person narratives are all welcome. The two themes of this anthology will be Outsiders and Risk, as detailed below.

For this volume, I want stories that speak to the book’s themes of outsiders and risk, though those words don’t need to be used explicitly in the story but should be conveyed by the plot. In terms of outsiders, that could include any woman who feels like an outsider, whether from her relationship(s), her sexuality, her personality, her looks, her career, her age, her race, her religion, her family, her community, her workplace, her country, etc. Perhaps she is right to feel like an outsider, because she’s deliberately ostracized or left out; perhaps she would be welcomed by others but still feels like an outsider. Whatever the case, I want to read about how her outsider status is affected by her sexuality, and vice versa. Perhaps she is a refugee arriving in a new country, a virgin whose friends are all sexual libertines, a woman who’s made to feel her desires are untoward or unnatural, etc. The more creative and unique your plotline, the more likely your work is to be accepted.

In terms of risk, I want to read about women who put everything on the line in pursuit of love and lust, who take dramatic, daring risks that will make readers marvel at their passion. Maybe she quits her job, or dares to make waves in a long-term relationship. Maybe she pursues someone everyone’s told her is wrong for her, but she does it anyway. How is taking a risk sexy for her? What is she sacrificing, and why is she doing it? I want to read about women who are natural risk takers as well as those who are innately risk averse but are compelled to go against their instincts and take a risk anyway. I don’t want clichéd plotlines or generic characters; stories should be original, captivating and arousing. Stories can reflect current events, but shouldn’t be so specific that they will be out of date. Stories should be timeless enough to appeal to readers now as well as in ten, twenty or thirty years. Keep in mind that stories will not overlap in plotlines, so the more individual and memorable yours is, the more likely it is to be accepted.

I’m especially interested in hearing from and about: stories set outside the United States, stories set outside major cities, romantic erotica (they don’t necessarily need to have a traditional “happily ever after,” but happy endings are extremely welcome too), stories involving more than two people, stories in unusual settings, erotica touching on current events (though the story should be one readers ten or twenty years from now will also appreciate), stories with a feminist outlook (that may or may not have the word “feminism” or “feminist” in the text but convey a feminist worldview), BDSM stories, especially ones outside of the Master or Mistress dynamic, and stories starring women creative, memorable fetishes.

Stories in the final book will range from humorous and playful to intense and soulful, and will reflect a similar sexual, racial and age diversity as the stories in Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volumes 1, 2 and 3. Story submissions must be unpublished (never published, in whole or in part, anywhere, online or offline). No scat or incest, although age play will be considered as long as it’s clear in the context of the story that the characters are engaging in roleplay. No poetry will be considered.

In a nutshell: I want stories that blow my mind, that grab my attention from the first sentence and don’t let go, that say something new and exciting about sex and sexuality, that will appeal to longtime erotica readers and new readers of the genre. Make every word count and advance the story you want to tell. Consider each sentence and ask yourself: Does it serve a purpose? Is it advancing your story? If not, cut it. I want stories that will make readers stop everything they’re doing and eagerly read every last word to find out what happens to your characters. I gravitate toward unique, creative, memorable characters, settings and scenarios. Contemporary stories will comprise the majority of the book but historical, sci fi, fantasy and paranormal stories are also welcome. For an idea of the types of stories I like, see Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 1, 2 and 3. If you submitted a story to Volume 1, 2 or 3 that was rejected, you may resubmit it if it fits the theme of outsiders or risk, but in most cases, a new story stands a far better chance of acceptance.

In the interest of publishing a wide range of authors, those whose work appears in Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 1, 2 or 3 will not be considered for this volume, but contributors to previous Best Women’s Erotica collections are welcome to submit work.

Rights: non-exclusive right to publish your story in this anthology in print, ebook, and audiobook form. Authors will retain copyright to their stories. See exact contract terms below.

How to submit: Submit only 2,000-4,000 original, unpublished stories that are not being considered elsewhere. Word count applies to the text of your story, excluding story title and author name. Maximum two submissions per author. Stories CANNOT be under consideration elsewhere at any point prior to the book’s publication date in December 2018. I want only original work that has never been published online, in print or in any format at all, including personal or other types of blogs. All characters must be 18 or over for the entirety of the story. US grammar (spelling, double quotation marks around dialogue, etc.) required. Submit to with “BWE 4 Submission: Story Title” in the subject line by attaching a Word .doc or .docx file, double spaced, Times New Roman Black font with legal name, pseudonym (if applicable), mailing address, phone (only to be used for urgent communication about your story) AND 50 word-or-under third person professional biography either on the first page of your story above the title or in the body of an email. Make sure you use an email address that you check on a regular basis (at least once a week). Sample bio format with URL is as follows:

Rachel Kramer Bussel ( writes fiction and non-fiction. She is an editor, author and blogger.

All stories must have a title and byline (author name) included with the submission (no untitled stories) at the top of the first page. Indent half an inch at the start of each paragraph. Use double spacing for the entire file; DO NOT add extra lines between paragraphs or use any other irregular spacing. Title your document BWE 4 STORY TITLE LAST NAME, such a “BWE 4 Lovers Doe.” If you cannot use Word, submit as both an RTF AND include the full submission in the body of an email, including title, story text, bio, name and pseudonym (if applicable), mailing address and phone number. DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE VERSIONS OF THE SAME STORY AS ONLY THE FIRST VERSION WILL BE CONSIDERED. SUBMIT YOUR STORY WITH THE TITLE, AUTHOR NAME AND WORDING YOU WOULD WANT PUBLISHED IF THE STORY IS ACCEPTED. MAKE SURE TO THOROUGHLY PROOFREAD YOUR STORY BEFORE SUBMITTING IT. Only stories that are between 2,000-4,000 words and submitted by November 1, 2017, 11:59 pm EST will be considered. Please do not ask about exceptions to the word count or deadline as they will not be granted.

I will confirm that I have received your submission within 72 hours. I will respond to all submissions by September 30, 2018 at the latest. If you have not heard back from me by October 1, 2018, feel free to follow up at that time. Please note the time frame and if you need a response sooner than September 30, 2018, this is not the right anthology for you.

Payment: $200 and 2 copies of the book within 90 days of publication. Payment will be made only via Paypal (strongly preferred) or U.S check (only for U.S. addresses).

Deadline: February 10, 2018, 11:59 pm EST

For questions that aren’t answered in the guidelines: Email (note that NO word count changes will be granted – stories sunder 2,000 words or over 4,000 words will be automatically rejected)

If your story is accepted, you will need to sign a contract agreeing to the terms below in order for your story to be published in the anthology. If you are unwilling to sign this contract, DO NOT to this anthology

The parties agree as follows:


Author hereby grants Editor, during the first term of the United States copyright, and any renewals thereof, in the “Work”:

a. The non-exclusive right to “publish” (i.e. print, publish, and sell) the Work as part of the Book in printed and digital form in English in the United States and its territories; and

b. The non-exclusive right to “publish” and license the Work as part of the Book in printed and digital form in English in other countries; and

c. The non-exclusive right to publish and license the Work as part of the Book in printed and digital form in English and the right to license, translate and publish the Work as part of the Book in printed and digital form in languages other than English in all countries; and

d. The following non-exclusive subsidiary rights to license and publish the Work as part of the Book in the United States and all foreign countries, to wit: anthologies, magazines, book club editions and reprints; Braille editions; audio, computer disk, all electronic/cyber rights, CD-ROM and microfiche editions; and television productions (including network TV, cable, and pay TV); and

e. The non-exclusive right to excerpt from the Work in non-book printed materials issued by the Publisher and/or its licensee for the sole purpose of promoting the Work, including, but not limited to, bookmarks, post cards, buttons, and t-shirts; and

f. The non-exclusive subsidiary right, for promotional purposes, to serialize the Work in periodicals, newspapers, and magazines.


a. Editorial revisions to the Work may be made at the suggestion of the Editor and/or Publisher. The title may be changed only by mutual consent of the Author, Editor and Publisher. Editor has final say on the substantive content of the Work.

b. The completed manuscript shall be deemed satisfactory in content to the Editor and Publisher unless within ninety (90) days of its receipt, Publisher or Editor gives Author written notice of the respects in which the manuscript is unsatisfactory. Author shall have thirty (30) days from receipt of that notice to make and submit such changes.

c. Editor reserves the right to choose not to include the Work in the Book, if Publisher declines to accept it, or for any other justifiable reason. In such event, this Agreement is null and void; all rights revert to Author, and Editor does not owe Author payment.


a. Author represents and warrants that she now owns all rights granted hereunder, free of liens or encumbrances, and has full power and authority to execute this Agreement; and further warrants that the Work is original with her and not in the public domain. Author will give formal written notice of any previous publication of the Work upon presentation of the final manuscript, including editorial addresses of periodicals and/or publishers.

b. Author further represents and warrants that the Work does not infringe statutory copyrights or common law literary rights of others, and does not violate the rights of privacy of, or libel, other persons.

c. Author agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Editor and the Publisher, and the publishing of any reprint or book club edition of the Work licensed by the Publisher, pursuant to the Agreement, against any final judgment for damages (after all appeals have been taken) against them in any action arising out

of facts which constitute a breach of the foregoing warranties together with reasonable costs and attorney’s fees incurred by them in defending such an action in which such judgment is recovered.


Author shall retain copyright of the Work.


Author shall receive PAYMENT LISTED ABOVE to be paid by Author within 90 days of publication of the Book.


Publisher will give to Author two (2) free copies of the Anthology.


This Agreement shall be binding on the parties and her respective heirs, administrators, successors and assigns.


Are you a writer? A lady who loves the ladies?

Jan 02, 2018


Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, Volume 3

Editor: Sacchi Green

Deadline: February 15 2018 (earlier encouraged)

Payment: $100 and 1 copy of the book within 90 days of publication

Rights: non-exclusive right to publish the story in this anthology in print, ebook and audiobook form. Authors will retain copyright to their stories.

Send me stories that only you could write, the ones inside you burning to be brought to life. Surprise me with new concepts, or startle me with prose that illuminates traditional themes in new ways. I expect to use mostly original, unpublished work, but I’ll consider stories previously published in 2016-2017. New voices are especially welcome. A maximum of two submissions per author is allowed, with a preferred length of 2000-4500 words. No simultaneous submissions.

Give me a variety of themes, voices, and tones. Diversity in ages, ethnicities, cultures, and physical attributes and abilities is welcome. The central figures must be lesbians, with believable, fully developed characters. I want vividly drawn settings, and plots or story arcs that grip the reader and don’t let go. Originality is especially welcome. And, of course, I want an intensely erotic aura with sex-positive scenes that are integral to the story as a whole. All flavors of sensuality are welcome, from vanilla to BDSM to edgy frontiers that surprise and startle the reader. A few science fiction or fantasy stories might fit in, as well as a well-researched historical setting or two.

Send your submission as an attachment in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format, double spaced, Times New Roman black font, with story title, legal name, pseudonym (if applicable) and mailing and email addresses on the first page, to Queries are welcome.


Calling All Erotica Writers!

Oct 03, 2017


Editor: Rob Rosen

Submission Deadline: January 5th, 2018 (Please submit sooner rather than later)

Submission Guidelines: short stories are now being accepted for Best Gay Erotica of the Year, Volume 4. Length: 2,500-5,000 words. Original stories strongly preferred, though reprints will also be accepted. Reprints must solely be owned by the author and must not have appeared in print during the past three years. BGEv4 is not a “themed” anthology. All genres, kinks, and fantasies are fair game, just so long as the work is intensely erotic and exceedingly literary. M/M or M/M/M only. No “confused straight men” stories will be accepted; all sex scenes must be between gay identifying characters. Please send your best and hottest work for this prestigious collection. Absolutely no scenes of rape, bestiality, incest, or underage (below 18) sex. Safe anal sex, when called for, is mandatory.

The editor has a strong preference for unusual settings, unique sex scenes, multi-genre stories, humor, romance, and anything out of the norm. Trite stories (frat sex, cop sex, older men/younger men, etc,), if you really want to submit them, should be highly original.

The below formatting is mandatory. Stories not meeting the below will immediately be declined:

  • Times or Times New Roman 12-point black font.
  • Word document or RTF.
  • Indent the first line of each paragraph half an inch.
  • Double space; do not add extra lines between paragraphs or do any other irregular spacing.
  • One space only after a comma, period, etc. Typing two spaces after a period is totally, completely, utterly, and inarguably wrong, unless you’re typing on a typewriter. The editor, BTW, will also not accept typewriter-written stories.
  • U.S. grammar (double quotation marks around dialogue, etc.) required.

Please do not submit more than one story. Include real name/pen name/address/ maximum 50-word bio. Payment is $50 for accepted stories.

Submit your best work to: