Release Date: September 1, 2007
ISBN: 9781573442893
eISBN: 9781573448482

I Must Confess

by Rupert Smith

A stinging satire of tell-all showbiz memoirs starring a self-deluded gay icon who has managed to ride every pop culture trend of the last forty years.

Marc LeJeune has had a remarkable career in the entertainment business. Despite the carping of critics, cruel twists of fate, and the treachery of former friends who were blind to his exceptional dramatic and musical talents, he has remained true to his unique artistic vision. From his early days as the face of Swinging London, to the late 1960s avant garde theater scene, through the sexually liberated cinema of the 1970s, to his current status as a much-loved household name and TV favorite, he tells all in this, his own astonishing story.

Through this fabulous parody of the showbiz confession, Rupert Smith has created a witty and scathing satire of popular culture and entertainment over the last forty years. Marc LeJeune is a brilliant comic creation, inspired by Smith's many years of interviewing celebrities for Time Out and writing about showbiz in The Guardian (U.K.).

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About the author Rupert Smith

Rupert Smith is the author of the novels On the Edge, Fly on the Wall, and Service Wash, as well as numerous biographies and TV tie-in books. He is a regular television critic and feature writer for the Guardian, and he writes on all aspects of television, arts and entertainments for a wide variety of publications including Radio Times and Gay Times. He lives in London. Visit him online at...

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