ISBN: 9781627780001
eISBN: 9781627780131

Love Burns Bright: A Lifetime of Lesbian Romance

by Radclyffe

"...kissing Kathy is like kissing her for the first time and the millionth time, new and yet familiar, fresh and yet filled with the memories of every kiss we've shared. Before I fall into the mindless spiral of desire, though, I realize something. What's important isn't the future, isn't the possible forgetting. What's important is right now, this moment, glorying in everything that it is with no other goal than mutual pleasure." – Andrea Dale, Sepia Showers

Love, passion, desire...the pleasure that begins with the thrill of the first date, the breathless anticipation of the first kiss, and the euphoric wonder of the first night of passion only deepens as love grows. These stories of lesbian couples celebrating their lives and desire from some of the best romance and erotica writers today are heartfelt and best of all, hot!

Some things really do get better with time...come discover the never-ending passion of lesbian love and desire in these tales of Love So Bright!

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