Release Date: April 2, 2015
ISBN: 9781627781251
eISBN: 9781627781350

Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica

by Rachel Kramer Bussel

In the latest collection from award-winning editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, sex toys take on a life of their own as they bring couples, singles and strangers to new heights of pleasure. From two couples who happen to share the same remote controlled device, to some very hot rocks, a perfectly icy bed, a Superman dildo, and a day in the life of a very lucky vibrator. This fun collection will give you plenty of ideas for toys you'd like to try, and ones you wish someone would invent! From "Plastic Makes Perfect" to "The Secret Shopper" and "The Cure for the Common Lay," these stories in Come Again are best read with your favorite sex toy handy.

Sex toys are more popular than ever and make life so much more fun! Nowadays, there are sex toys for every occasion and every act. And, to add to the joy of toys, they also come in all sorts of playful designs, from sweet little bunny vibrators to glamorous glittery harnesses, feather light smackers to heavy duty paddles. Whatever your favorite playtime is, you can probably find exactly the right toy—or make your own! Rachel Kramer Bussel, toy enthusiast and self-confessed spanko has gathered a delightful set of stories sure to give you ideas to try at home, or wherever your nearest toy box may be!

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About the author Rachel Bussel

"Rachel Kramer Bussel is arguably one of the most influential names in erotica and has been for some time." --   "Rachel Kramer Bussel is the most knowledgeable and prolific book editor and spoken word producer in contemporary erotic literature." -- Audible    "Ms. Bussel is the current mistress of intensity in spanking fiction." -- Erotica Revealed    Rachel Kramer Bussel ( is a writer, editor, event organizer and erotica writing instructor. She's edited...

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Books by Rachel Bussel

"If you like sex toys and erotica I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by Come Again!"

-- Four Stars, Bex Talks Sex


"The writing in each of these stories... is outstanding so if you prefer to have a nice lead up to your sex, this is an excellent choice"

-- Romancing the Book


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