ISBN: 9781573447614
eISBN: 9781573447768


by Rupert James

Money. Sex. Power. Some things are always in fashion.

Christine Fairbrother is a high-powered barrister, the scourge of the divorce courts. Christine has ambitions to become a QC—to "take silk"—after her next big case.

Her talented daughter, Isabelle Cisse, is a design graduate launching herself on the London fashion scene, full of dreams and ambitions—and with a fatal weakness for unsuitable men...

Victoria Crabtree's position as Massimo Rivelli's mistress is precarious. Massimo is the multi-millionaire owner of the House of Rivelli, one of the world's leading manufacturers of couture fashion. However, he shows no sign of wanting to divorce his wife and Victoria's always in danger of being replaced with a younger model. But he's about to discover just what lengths Victoria will go to in order to survive...

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About the author Rupert James

Rupert James is a celebrity and fashion journalist. He lives in London and is married to a barrister. Stepsisters "Glitzy, bitchy and raunchy, this gripping novel is just fabulous."—Closer "Within a few pages of Stepsisters, I was hooked." —Romancing the Book

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