Release Date: June 1, 2009
ISBN: 9781573443517
eISBN: 9781573444576

Boy Crazy: Coming Out Erotica

by Richard Labonté

An explicit collection of young adult erotica, Boy Crazy explores in heady detail the "first time:" the first time feeling lustful toward another boy, the first time falling into bed with a peer, the first time discovering love with another young man. This youthful collection relishes the thrill of being crazy for a certain boy, for a moment or for a lifetime. In Jere M. Fishback's "A Beautiful Motorcycle," a young man shares a hotel room with his sister's boyfriend and experiences a whole new kind of room service. Guitar lessons give way to instructions of a more amorous variety in L.A. Field's "Summertime Blues." Mesmerized by two hot young bikers, Warden finds himself taking a ride on the wild side in Jeffrey Rounds' "This Is Not Your Country." These and other stories of sexual awakening vividly evoke the trembling, heart-pounding, sweaty-palmed excitement of the first time.

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