ISBN: 9781573441193

No Place Like Home

by Melanie Friend

British photographer and BBC radio reporter Melanie Friend has covered the Balkans since 1989. Her visits have been brief and always subject to film confiscation and surveillance. In 1999, as NATO bombs fell on Serbia, and ethnic Albanians fled Kosovo, Friend took portraits in the refugee camps of Macedonia. The 75 photographs and extraordinary interviews present one of the most profound, complex, and human documents of the recent history of the Balkans. As the centuries-old cycle of abuse enters a new phase, No Place Like Home explores life in the Balkans with fresh, unconventional insight.

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About the author Melanie Friend

Melanie Friend’s prize-winning work has appeared in Granta, The Guardian, Time Magazine, The Independent, and Marie Claire, among other publications. Her photographs of Kosovar Albanian refugees have been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery in London as well as in galleries internationally, including the United States. She lives in London. No Place Like Home "Melanie Friend's remarkable photographs and interviews show us the human particularity that lies within...

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