ISBN: 9781573442152
eISBN: 9781573448529

Entertainment for a Master

by John Preston

“Volunteers needed for a very private, very elegant S/M party for a discreet group of ladies and gentlemen to be held in San Francisco. Only the very willing and the experienced need apply. . .”

And only a virtuoso of erotic fiction could build a spellbinding novel from the planning and preparation for an S/M party. In Entertainment for a Master, acclaimed author John Preston follows a skilled and respected dom as he interviews — and personally inspects — the men who respond to his unusual ad. Carl, a former Marine, will drop and give his master fifty, kissing his boots at each dip to the floor. Christopher, a bisexual bodybuilder, is so keen to submit that he writes his reply on his business letterhead. Glen and Phillip are long-term lovers eager to relinquish their agreed-on roles so that both of them can serve a worthy master.

About the author John Preston

John Preston (1945-1994) wrote more than 35 books, including Mr. Benson, I Once Had a Master, The Love of a Master, and the autobiographical collection My Life as a Pornographer. He edited numerous anthologies, notably Hometowns: Gay Men Write About Where They Belong and the Flesh and the Word series. He was editor of The Advocate for a time, and his articles and essays appeared in periodicals ranging from Drummer...

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