Release Date: November 2, 2018
eISBN: 9781627781893

Until Autumn Falls

by Elana Johnson

Tripp Thurgood has everything he needs: a comfortable home he shares with his cousin, Jared, a great job where he owns his own fishing boat and can get out on the water whenever he wants, and a failed romantic history he’s ready to move past.

Enter Hilary Finnegan, the mysterious fishmonger who buys from him every morning. They’ve been friends for a couple of years, but Hilary wonders if she can shed the shawls and scarves she unfailingly wears to conceal her scars and take things to the next level.

Her shady past has led her to live life on the sidelines since her arrival in Redwood Bay. But Tripp has always been kind to her, and as their relationship heats up, the scarves and neck-high shirts come off. But will Hilary pay the price for revealing her past? Or will they be able to come together in a meaningful relationship despite her web of secrets?


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