Reviewer Guidelines


Before sending your website or blog for consideration, please take a look at our website and book catalog to get a feel for who we are and who our readers are. Still interested in reviewing Cleis Press books? Fantastic! Below are a few guidelines and a quick explanation of how our reviewer network works.

How It Works:

Interested reviewers and bloggers will be added to the Cleis Press reviewer network and will be the first to receive updates (via email) about current and future reviewing opportunities. Then reviewers and bloggers can select which titles they are interested in reviewing and we'll send the book right to your door or e-reader. People in the network will also be given special opportunities for author interviews, character Q&A's, guest blog posts, and more. 

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • We want and believe in fair, honest reviews. Joining our network does not mean that we are soliciting reviewers or bloggers for "good" or "5-star" reviews. We want the truth.
  • We’re committed to writing books with a variety perspectives and voices, so while we will accept requests for author interviews and book reviews, we will ensure that every reviewer or blogger that we work with is respectful of the author and the book
  • If you are looking for payment, sorry. The only thing that we can give you is a free review copy of the book.  
  • We reserve the right to decide if the review copy will be a print or epub/mobi file or PDF. We are a small press so print copies are not always available for review. 
  • We understand that everyone has a busy schedule, but we ask that reviews are posted within 2-3 weeks of receiving a review copy. Continued disregard of this request will result in the reviewer being removed from our network. 
  • We ask that each review includes a link back to the book on the Cleis Press website so that readers can see all the available buy links.
  • We reserve the right to remove reviewers and bloggers from our network if any of the above requests are continually disregarded. We also have zero tolerance for disrespect or outright aggression against a book or author and will result in the immediate and permanent removal of the reviewer or blogger from our network.  

We are excited to work with you and with your help we hope to get more amazing books out into the hands of readers. You can head here if you are ready to join our reviewer network or learn more about us and our books here.


If you have any other questions or concerns please contact Britny Brooks at