Carol Queen


Dr. Carol Queen is a writer, speaker, educator and activist with a doctorate in sexology. First as an organizer in the lesbian/gay community, where she helped found one of the first gay youth groups in the United States, and later in the emerging international bisexual community, as a sex worker and a practitioner of alternative sexualities, she typically teaches and writes from her own experience and that of her communities even as I reference academic thought on these subjects. Her books include Pomosexuals (Cleis), Switch Hitters (Cleis), Exhibitionism for the Shy (Down There Press) and Best Bisexual Erotica (Black Books). She lives in San Francisco.

Real Live Nude Girl

"The thinking person’s sex queen, Carol Queen is a real live brilliant girl. For people who can’t imagine what all the fuss is about sex, this is the book to read."—Annie Sprinkle

"Queen is delightfully open and enthusiastic about all aspects of sex, as well as a tireless advocate for sacred sex work, bisexuality, and fornication in all its forms."—On Our Backs

"Takes readers for a walk on the wild side."—Bookselling This Week

"Thought provoking and thoroughly entertaining."—Lambda Book Report