Jaclyn Geller Ph.D.


Photo Credit: Eva Stern Rodriguez 

Jaclyn Geller is a reader, writer, and professor. She professes at Central Connecticut State University and specializes in Restoration and eighteenth-century literature. She grew up in Southern Westchester, where she read The Sound and the Fury forty times. Not much else seemed to happen. She studied at English at Oberlin College. After graduation, she worked for a Jewish organization and impressed everyone with her ability to answer the phone, saying, 'Good morning, Special Projects.' When a co-worker clasped her hand and intoned, 'Don't worry, Dear. You'll be married by next year!', she intuited that it was time to move on. Geller earned her doctorate in English and American Literature at New York University, where she met luminaries such as Adrienne Rich and began what would become a pattern: expressing admiration for learned people, only to have them walk away in the middle of her panegyric. She is the author of Here Comes the Bride: Women, Weddings, and the Marriage Mystique as well as articles on early-modern satire, Samuel Butler, and Samuel Johnson. She lives in Central Connecticut and New York City with her family and friends.