Rupert Smith


Rupert Smith is the author of the novels On the Edge, Fly on the Wall, and Service Wash, as well as numerous biographies and TV tie-in books. He is a regular television critic and feature writer for the Guardian, and he writes on all aspects of television, arts and entertainments for a wide variety of publications including Radio Times and Gay Times. He lives in London. Visit him online at

I Must Confess

“One of the funniest and most ambitious novels I have read in ages.… Rupert Smith offers us nothing less than a comic history of popular culture, from 1960s pop fashions through to the soaps and game shows with which we anaesthetize ourselves today. His eye and ear are acute, his parodies lethally accurate.” — Jonathan Coe, author of The Rotters’ Club

“Hilarious showbiz satire.... Smith’s hugely enjoyable narrative is a riotous romp through recent cultural history, stringing together the delusions, clichés and self-indulgences of the showbiz world with wonderful lightness of touch.” — Observer

“Lethally accurate, spitefully funny, and occasionally genuinely chilling parody of the showbiz autobiography.... This is a remarkably poised debut novel which combines excellent satire of popular culture over the past four decades with the pleasure of rumbling a highly unreliable narrator. Satisfyingly, horribly right.” — Sunday Telegraph