Josey Vogels


Josey Vogels is one of Canada's leading experts on sex and relationships, with two wildly popular blogs. She writes for The Huffington Post and, and is regularly featured on radio and TV. She lives in Toronto.

Better Sex in No Time

"A wonderful, real-world book to help us rediscover intimacy and remind us that we do have time for fun, flirty adventures!"
—Rose Caraway, author of The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica

"This gem will help you bring back the heat. From Time to Play to Quick Tips, Better Sex in No Time: A Guide for Busy Couples is fun and cheeky and chock-full of good advice. A new book from Josey Vogels, the Canadian sexpert, especially for couples looking to bring back the pleasure and spice of their sex life. Buy it for the art. Stay for the good advice."
—D. L. King, editor of Slave Girls and Under Her Thumb

Better Sex in No Time gives new meaning to the words 'hands-on and DIY.' If you want to make things hotter between the sheets, you’ll want to start with the heat that’s coming from between these pages. With a conversational, practical, how-to style and super sexy photos, Josey Vogels helps couples to remember that there’s always time for good sex."
—Jenny Block, author of O Wow!: The Fifteen Orgasms Every Girl Should Have