Pam Keesey


Pam Keesey is the author of Vamps: An Illustrated History of the Femme Fatale and the editor of Dark Angels: Lesbian Vampire Stories. She lives in Seattle.

Daughter of Darkness

“Perfect for curling up on dark and stormy winter nights…” — The Rocket

In Daughters of Darkness, lesbian vampires woo, seduce, and otherwise overpower their intended. There is lovemaking in zero gravity, vampirism transposed to the S/M scene, and steamy encounters in a variety of locales. But take away the supernatural aspect and Daughters of Darkness becomes a tribute to an even more compelling subject: the sexually aggressive woman and her archetypal roles, from nurturing goddess to dangerous predator.” — The Advocate

“The lesbian may be the skeleton-in-the closet of vampire lore…” — Booklist