Alicia Partnoy


Alicia Partnoy has presented testimony on human rights violations to the United Nations, the Organization of American States, Amnesty International, and human rights organizations in Argentina. She has lectured at universities throughout the United States, where The Little School has been used extensively as a text in classrooms. She teaches at Loyola University in Los Angeles.

The Little School

"Partnoy writes in a way that makes the reader feel as if they are at the concentration camp with her, and the stories sit in your gut long after they are through. Offering us a glimpse of an event that changed everything for so many people, The Little School is a work of art every history or social justice buff should read."
Portland Book Review

"Remarkable…for her flinty humor and her determination to take joy from any source—the smell of rain, the imagined taste of a soft drink, the sight of her own feet through a loosely tied blindfold." —Tobias Wolff

"Courageous, understated, chilling…" —Bobbie Ann Mason

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