Felice Picano


Felice Picano graduated cum laude from Queens College in 1964 with English Department honors. He founded SeaHorse Press in 1977 and, with Terry Helbing and Larry Mitchell, The Gay Presses of New York in 1981 where he was editor in chief. He was an editor and writer for The Advocate, Blueboy, Mandate, Gaysweek, and Christopher Street. He was the Books Editor of The New York Native and a culture reviewer at The Los Angeles Examiner, San Francisco Examiner, New York Native, Harvard Lesbian and Gay Review, and the Lamdba Book Report. He lives in West Hollywood, CA.

Best Gay Romance 2015

"The stories are deeply romantic and beautifully written. All in all, this is a cannot miss book for fans of the M/M romance genre." —Night Owl Book Reviews

"We might be showing our age when we say this, but the first time we seriously understood romance was watching the sparks fly between Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in Romancing the Stone. Thirty-one years later Best Gay Romance 2015 demonstrates the same casual bravado, sense of daring and fondness for a witty comeback and smouldering stare.This is the first time the collection has been assembled and edited by Felice Picano, who has published four volumes of his own short stories along with several noteworthy novels. He appears to have enjoyed his role as éminence grise, stating in the introduction that the only direction he insisted on for the stories was that they contain a minimum of two men – the same requirement we have when selecting a sporting event on the tellie." –SoSoGay