John Preston

John Preston (1945-1994) wrote more than 35 books, including Mr. Benson, I Once Had a Master, The Love of a Master, and the autobiographical collection My Life as a Pornographer. He edited numerous anthologies, notably Hometowns: Gay Men Write About Where They Belong and the Flesh and the Word series. He was editor of The Advocate for a time, and his articles and essays appeared in periodicals ranging from Drummer to Harper’s and Interview. An activist as well as a writer, Preston founded the country’s first gay and lesbian community center, in Minneapolis. Preston was born in Medfield, MA, and lived much of his life in Portland, ME.

Entertainment for a Master

"After [John Preston], hot gay fiction can never be the same.… The ideal against which all subsequent forays into the genre will be measured." — DungeonMaster

“Preston’s writing is smooth, taut, and clean — filled with descriptions of sadomasochistic acts that ring with a skilled simplicity.” — Bay Area Reporter

"John Preston here is a mature and self-conscious writer, striving to capture the subtlety and depth of real, not pornographic, passion." — Drummer