Release Date: September 01, 2008
ISBN: 9781573443258
eISBN: 9781573444354

Backdraft: Fireman Erotica

by Shane Allison

What is it about firemen that rings the bell for gay men? Could it be the strong arms and chiseled jaw, the bulging muscles under sweaty tees and tight red suspenders, or the cool calm as they use their hoses to put out the flames? Or is it the hot red fire engine, the yellow slickers, the black boots, and even the firehouse dog? Maybe it's all of these — or maybe there's something more organic that starts the fire. Whatever the fireman fantasy, it's explored in Backdraft, a sizzling collection of stories that celebrates the sexy, steamy side of these studly public servants. Contributors include Jeff Mann, M. Christian, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Tom Cardamone, and Bob Vickery.

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