Release Date: June 01, 2009
ISBN: 9781573443524
eISBN: 9781573444699

Girl Crazy: Coming Out Erotica

by Sacchi Green

Girl crazy. It's that surge of longing that floods body and soul, that mad rush of pleasure and pain, from tentative self-discovery to the first thrill of girl-on-girl play to deep explorations of the fiercer shores of sex. In this collection, Catherine Lundoff, D. L. King, Cheyenne Blue, Kristina Wright, Jean Roberta, and 15 other writers offer up no-holds-barred, all-holds-hot tales of the highs and lows and kinky twists of first times. Coeds acting out for Girls Gone Wild get even wilder once the cameraman goes home. A lonely businesswoman discovers how far and hard her young chauffeur can drive her. Butch buddies find secret desires racing out of control. A summer job building trails sparks trailblazing into all-new territory. These and a wide range of other irresistible stories envelop the reader in that delicious feeling known as girl crazy.

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About the author Sacchi Green

Sacchi Green has co-edited the anthologies Rode Hard, Put Away Wet Hard Road, Easy Riding, and Lipstick on Her Collar. Her stories have appeared in an array of erotica publications, including Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Women?s Erotica, The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica and Best Lesbian Romance. She lives in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. Praise for Girl Crazy

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