Release Date: May 01, 2011
ISBN: 9781573446556
eISBN: 9781573446761

Dream Lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance

by Kristina Wright

Supernaturally sensual and captivating, Dream Lover is a feast of fanciful delights. Kristina Wright, editor of the popular Fairy Tale Lust, presents a potent potion of fun and sexy tales filled with male fairies and clairvoyant scientists, as well as darkly erotica tales of ghosts, shapeshifters, and possession. Dream Lover asks the reader to explore the realm of the otherworldly and answer the question... who is your dream lover?

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About the author Kristina Wright

Kristina Wright ( is a full-time freelance writer and award-winning author. She is the editor of over a dozen erotic romance anthologies, includingFairy Tale Lust and the Best Erotic Romance series. She has written for Harlequin and HarperCollins Mischief and her short fiction has appeared in over one hundred print anthologies, while her nonfiction has appeared in publications as diverse as the Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, USA Today, Narratively, Scary Mommy, Role/Reboot...

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Books by Kristina Wright

"What these seventeen surprisingly diverse stories all have in common is atmosphere—and that in luxurious groaning-board abundance. It’s the kind of rich, erotically charged ambiance that stays with a reader long after the book has been closed or the electronic device turned off, and, like the memory of the tastes and aromas of a great meal, lingers pleasantly in the imagination, waiting to be remembered (or re-read) yet one more time."—Erotica for the Big Brain

"Dream Lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance presents 17 short stories that blend romantic erotica with a touch of the otherworldly."—The Moxie Bee

"If, like me, you like your romance to be part of a great story with some really hot sex scenes then you will want to pick up a copy of this book for yourself. Supernatural romance buffs will especially thrill to the stories in this compilation."—Airen Wolf Reviews

"This is a huge collection of very short but very steamy and romantic love stories with a paranormal twist. I was going to highlight my favorites, but the list was too long! There isn't a story in here that I wouldn't give at least 4 howls to, but almost all of them really deserve 5. They all succeeded on some level whether it was the unique storyline, the interesting characters, the ability to draw out strong emotions so quickly, or the flow of the words. I found some of the stories so amazingly unique, and I can't help but wonder how these authors come up with these ideas. It was just very impressive. Although each story was unique, they all fit together wonderfully in this anthology. The foreword by Megan Hart was very sensual and was a brilliant start to this collection. I'm so glad I read this and found a whole new list of authors that I will now search out. Dream Lover book is definitely a keeper!!"— Kris at Bitten by Paranormal Romance

"Dream Lover is a fun and exciting anthology of paranormal erotic fiction. If you've ever read a paranormal romance, you have a good idea of what paranormal erotica involves. Yes, there are the usual vampires and werewolves, but there are also fairies and gargoyles and ghosts, oh my! The editor, Kristina Wright, has done a masterful job of choosing and arranging stories with a wide variety of fantasy elements and steamy sexual scenarios."—Ivy Wilde

"Dream Lover takes the reader through some of the most interesting erotic fantasy fiction around."—Sandra Scholes for Love Romance Passion

"An imaginative collection of short and arousing tales involving a breadth of paranormal characters. Nice plot twists involving Lucy Feltouse's bored succubus or Kate Pearce's man of one's dreams locked in a tower give variety to the tales which feature a mixture of familiar and new authors who show their dexterity at creating hot scenes between unusual characters in all too brief tales."—Night Owl Reviews

"Overall, the whole anthology was good. Each story in Dream Lover was short and unique. All focus on different aspects of love and the way different people and beings can experience it. It was a very quick and easy read.— Athena at Paranormal Haven

"Kristina Wright delivers taut, breakneck pacing with snappy dialogue."—Book Page

"Dream Lover, edited by Kristina wright, is a collection of diverse, elegantly erotic tales of paranormal romance."—Erin O'Riordan

"From mermaids to succubi to vampires, the Dream Lover anthology has it all. Stuffed full of authors both new and familiar to me, I found something to satisfy every mood I might have, as well as every mystical creature I’ve ever thought about imagining. I loved how the stories all had a similar thread running through them, but were all different enough to stand out on their own. Each will grab your attention and draw you into its own world for a moment or two before returning you home again. If you’re a lover of the exotic, erotic, and extraordinary, then this is by far the anthology for you."—Whipped Cream Reviews 


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