Release Date: June 20, 2011
ISBN: 9781573446587
eISBN: 9781573446792

Afternoon Pleasures: Erotica for Gay Couples

by Shane Allison

Shane Allison has put together that rarest of anthologies- bedtime reading for gay couples. Filled with romance, passion, and lots of lust, Afternoon Pleasures is irresistibly erotic yet celebrates the coming together of souls as well as bodies.

Two husbears travel down south to meet up with a horned up twink in Jeff Mann's, "One Afternoon in the Bible Belt." A sneaky environmentalist is sandwiched between rock-hard dick hounds, Eddy and Dale in Bob Vickery's salacious tale, "Loggers." Two life partners have a Sunday morning roll in the sack in "Hank Edward's "Breakfast in Bed." Erotic bard, Rob Rosen's "Skyrockets in Flight," is delicious with naughty bits in every throbbing line. These are just a few of the tawdry stories of male on male sex that grace the pages of this anthology. So lie back with the one you love or the one you lust after and enjoy. Clothing is optional.

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