Release Date: September 15, 2011
ISBN: 9781573447164
eISBN: 9781573447386

Red Velvet and Absinthe: Paranormal Erotic Romance

by Mitzi Szereto

Red Velvet and Absinthe explores love and lust with otherworldly partners who, by their sheer fantastical nature, evoke passion and desire far beyond that which any normal human being can inspire. Although the greats such as Bram Stoker, Edgar Allan Poe, and Daphne du Maurier are long dead, these contemporary authors keep the Gothic spirit alive and well by interpreting it in new and exciting ways. Red Velvet and Absinthe offers readers a collection of unique and original stories that conjure up the atmospheric and romantic spirit of the Gothic masters (and mistresses) but take things a bit further by adding to the brew a generous dosage of eroticism. Lie back and listen to the wind howling outside your window as you read these stories in the flickering light of a candle, the absinthe you're sipping warming your body like the caressing touch of a lover's fingers...

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About the author Mitzi Szereto

Mitzi Szereto is an author and anthology editor of erotic and multi-genre fiction and nonfiction. She has her own blog Errant Ramblings: Mitzi Szereto’s Weblog (, and a web TV channel Mitzi TV (, which covers the quirky side of London. Her books include The Wilde Passions of Dorian Grey, Red Velvet and Absinthe, Thrones of Desire, Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts, and Normal for Norfolk: The Thelonious T. Bear...

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Books by Mitzi Szereto

"vividly decadent"

-- Mario Guslandi, The Short Review

"The richness of this volume, like blood, chocolate and candlelight, cannot fail to please."

-- Portland Book Review


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