Release Date: January 08, 2013
ISBN: 9781573449083
eISBN: 9781573449236

Carrie's Story: An Erotic S/M Novel

by Molly Weatherfield

Carrie's Story is regarded as one of the finest erotic novels ever written- smart, devastatingly sexy and, at times, shocking, Molly Weatherfield has penned a book that is standing the test of time alongside The Story of O and Justine. in this new era of "BDSM romance," a la 50 Shades of Grey the whips and cuffs are out of the closet and "chateau porn" has given way to mommy porn. Carrie's Story remains at the head of the class, literally.

Imagine the Story of O starring a Berkeley PhD in comparative literature, who moonlights as a bike messenger, with a penchant for irony, self-analysis and as well as anal pleasures. Set in both San Francisco and the more chateau-friendly, Napa Valley, Weatherfield's deliciously decadent novel takes you on a sexually explicit journey into a netherworld of slave auctions, training regimes, enticing "ponies," (people) preening for dressage competitions. Desire runs rampant in this story of uncompromising mastery and irrevocable submission.

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About the author Molly Weatherfield

Molly Weatherfield the pen name of Pam Rosenthal, is a prolific romance and erotica writer who has penned many sexy, literate, historical novels. She lives in San Francisco. Carrie's Story "My favorite neo-Victorian erotic romance writer... bring on the ponies!"—Susie Bright "Carries’ Story is a well written and very erotic account of mastery and submission. This story contains some...

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Books by Molly Weatherfield

"The book reads as though you are with Carrie every step of the way. You hear her thoughts, feelings, fears and fantasies. She is a strong, sharp-witted and well-educated submissive."
Purple Passions

" The thinking girl’s 50 Shades."
—Violet Blue

"The book’s sensual descriptions, naughty and nice, are exceptional. Carrie’s Story is surprising on many levels, not the least of which is its ability to convince readers of “good” books of its merit."
—Foreword Reviews, 5-star review

"Between her sharp intellect and her need to understand why she feels what she feels, Carrie's innermost thoughts make for exceptionally enticing and seductive reading [...] Carrie's Story is the book of choice for a reader who craves smart erotica, as well as the reader who wants to read an unflinching account of Carrie's training as a slave girl."

"It's a modern day coming-of-age story set in a world of secrecy and sensuality. The story is sharply written and a step above much erotica available today."

"Carrie's Story is a really unique read. It reads more like a true story than other BSDM novels that I have previously read. Carrie goes through all of this not to please Jonathan, but to learn more about herself. Through everything, she never seems desperate and keeps her intelligence and wits about her."
—Fresh Fiction

"Carrie the main character is smart, witty and a joy to read her journey as she tells her story from the beginning to finally being bought at auction, and everything that happens in between."
—Fox in the Flowers

"There was excellent development of characters as the reader is taken through Carrie’s exciting journey. I congratulate Ms. Weatherfield on an extremely wonderful book in Carrie's Story Through her use and knowledge of BDSM, this is a great book for those who are discovering the realm, or wish to expand their imagination."
–Coffee Time Romance

"On the very last page, I wondered why in the world had I waited this long to read this masterpiece. It was provocative, filled with sexual adventures that form much of the basis for BDSM literature as we know it today. The level of feeling that we experience as readers as we grow with Carrie is astounding. I felt like I was graduating with her and putting my own items into the safety deposit box, ready to step off the next cliff. Carrie's Story indeed a literary feat, even without the sexuality that ratcheted it to a level that I have rarely seen in BDSM novels. I only hope that Ms. Weatherfield's work will in some way inspire the same depth of character in my own work. Even now as I reach for the second book in Carrie's adventure, I am anxious to see what new sensations await."
-Erzabet Bishop

"I like Molly Weatherfield's writing style and the sex scenes are a delicate balance of sensual and realistic (every encounter is not purely blissful; Carrie has good and not-so-good experiences - I prefer some realism in my fantasies), and never some corny caricature of BDSM sex."
–Pagan Spirits Blog

"Today, it seems no one can talk about a BDSm novel—hell, we can't talk about any erotic fiction—without invoking Fifty Shades of Grey. This novel was written before Fifty Shades, and it surpasses it on nearly every level. But one difference in particular stands out: Carrie's Story is about a submissive female heroine with a brain! Carrie is the thinking woman's submissive—sharp, funny, self-reflective, much like the woman who created her, who is also a wonderful storyteller."
—Tristan Taormino

"Sharply written and sizzling hot, Carrie's Story is a must-read for lovers of smart erotica."
—Colette Gale, bestselling author of UNMASQUED: An Erotic Novel of the Phantom of the Opera

“A wise, literate and enduring novel about dominance and submission. At each reading, the quality of the writing takes me by surprise and pulls me in again. A wonderful exploration of the literary edge of arousal.”
—Anneke Jacob, author of the award winning As She’s Told

“Before there was Anastasia, there was Carrie. A rip-roaring ride through the world of dominance and submission."
—Kristina Wright, editor of the Best Erotic Romance series

"Carrie’s Story destroyed my writing schedule over the past two days. Wonderful book!"
—Cherise Sinclair, author of the Master of Shadowlands series

"Molly Weatherfield set the standard with Carrie’s Story and Safe Word."
—Annabel Joseph, author of Comfort Object and Mercy

"The modern day Story of O."
-Eden Bradley, award-winning author of The Dark Garden

"What a smart-mouthed, daring heroine, and what a smart, delicious novel! The thinking man's (and woman's, and couple's) BDSM erotica."
—Eric Selinger, editor, Journal of Popular Romance Studies

“Scary as it is seductive; savage, funny, and with disarming moments of tenderness and charm. You want the world of this book to be real.”
—Janet Mullany, author of Hidden Paradise

"Provocative and evocative, Jonathan and Carrie's relationship is the perfect example of how not every love story has to be a romance. Carrie's Story holds a permanent place on my shelf as one of my favorite erotic books."
–Megan Hart, author of The Space Between Us

"Carrie’s Story is no mere novel of sex for the masses, but a brilliantly penned story of mastery and seduction for the smart, literate set. If you crave a tale of dominance and submission that entices readers without demeaning them, Carrie's Story is one that will captivate you to the end. Brave and beautiful, indeed."
–Shanna Germain, author of Bound by Lust

"From the very first sentence, I knew Carrie's Story was destined to be a classic of our generation."
—Alison Tyler, author of Best Bondage Erotica and Hurts So Good

"This thoroughly engaging novel is destined to become a modern-day classic, beautifully blending an intricate S/M underground world with the erotic flowering of a young, sexy and wry-humored female."
—Good Vibrations

"Engrossing and electric"

"This book was so hot it was hard to read at work. This reviewer was writing naughty emails to her boyfriend before she'd finished page one, and the weekend that ensued was a blur of delightfully kinky sex. Carrie's Story is extremely well-written for an SM novel -- the protagonist is strikingly intelligent, the story is genuinely interesting and the wonderfully smutty scenes sizzle off the page."

". . . unlike anything I have read. It is very graphic in detail and does explain many scenes that may make some readers somewhat uneasy. There was excellent development of characters as the reader is taken through Carrie's exciting journey. Aside from the warning comments, I congratulate Ms.Weatherfield on an extremely wonderful book."
—Coffee Time Romance

"A bit of modern erotica that slyly evokes the classics, both as context and as gristle the main character chews upon. Written with wit, style and intelligence, dirty and tough enough for the hardest to please. If you live an urban life, you'll recognize this character. I do! Great smut for those with a literary bent."

". . . partly a Keystone Comedy romp with whips, leather, and chains, partly a stunning tribute to Pauline Reage's Story of O, and partly an odyssey which -- if they did erotic flicks - the Coen brothers might have titled "O, Sister, Where Art Thou?" . . . . There is plenty of juicy, passionate expression in Carrie's Story, but, like much of what we review at Clean Sheets, this is literate smut for the discriminating reader with taste as well as... hmm... let's call them compulsions to exercise the deeper, shadier side of human desires."
—William Dean at Clean Sheets

". . . the American twist on Story of O. Weatherfield . . . gives her own take on chateau porn and the seductiveness of submission. . . . bristles with wit."

"My favorite neo-Victorian erotic romance writer . . . bring on the ponies!"
—Susie Bright

"Carrie's Story is a well written and very erotic account of mastery and submission. This story contains some of the most erotic pony girl training sessions I’ve ever read. I definitely recommend this book for anyone interested in pony training or learning about domination and submission."

"I was stunned by how well it was written and how intensely foreign I found its sexual world . . ."
—Boing magazine

"Most SM fiction takes the shape of bad erotica loosely held together by a plot only good for skimming through while looking for the horny bits…It’s a sheer delight, therefore, to find what is foremost a great novel—that just happens to have an SM theme and pervy characters."
—Skin Two magazine

"Hilarious and harrowing . . . just when you think things can’t get any wilder, they do."
—Black Sheets magazine 


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