Release Date: August 18, 2014
ISBN: 9781627780636
eISBN: 9781627780759

Wrapped Around Your Finger: A Story of Submission

by Alison Tyler

Entirely suited to one another, Jack and Samantha continue to explore their sultry, kink-drenched love affair. Jack, a dominant's Dom, pushes Samantha's boundaries, making Sam do things she'd never thought she wanted to — never believed she would. He takes her in public, on stage, punishes her with both sensory deprivation and erotic overload. And then he proves to her that all of those actions suit her to perfection. Costumes, erotic toys, role-playing, and a 24/7 BDSM-lifestyle fulfill Samantha's dirtiest dreams. Yet can she manage to stretch her love for Jack to incorporate his carnal need for his male assistant, Alex, as well? Take the ride with this deviant trio and enjoy their complicated, intricate, happily ever after.

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About the author Alison Tyler

Alison Tyler is the author of more than 20 erotic novels, including Strictly Confidential and Sweet Thing, and she is the editor of Three-Way, Heat Wave, Best Bondage Erotica, and The Merry XXXmas Book of Erotica. She lives in San Francisco. Best Bondage Erotica "The only thing better than curling up with an Alison Tyler work of erotica might be curling...

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Books by Alison Tyler

"...the sex is still sharp-edged and the pages still swollen with desire as only Alison Tyler can write."

-- 5 Stars, Axie Barclay, San Francisco Book Review

"...those with a taste for power exchange will be rewarded."

-- Publishers Weekly

"f you read just one book this year… you should make it this one."

--Kissin Blue Karen


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