Release Date: June 20, 2017
ISBN: 9781627782005
eISBN: 9781627782012

While My Wife's Away

by James Lear

To all appearances, Joe Heath is a typical straight married man, living with his wife and two teenage children, commuting to work, playing sports, enjoying a beer… But there are things about Joe that his friends don’t know. For one thing, his relationship with his wife has deteriorated to the point that they’re sleeping in separate bedrooms, only staying together until the kids have left home. And there’s something else: for the last few years, Joe has wanted to have sex with another man.

A chance encounter with a trainer at his gym launches Joe on a series of encounters – some casual, some serious, some comic, some dangerous, all of them erotic in the way that only James Lear can make them. Soon Joe is living a double life: breadwinner and father by day, sexual adventurer by night⎯his hunting ground the online dating sites that give him access to anyone and anything he wants.

While My Wife’s Away is a hot read, but it’s also an odyssey of self-discovery, as Joe tests the limits of his new freedom. Can he survive in a world of instant sexual gratification? And will he ever find someone to love?

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About the author James Lear

James Lear is the nom de plume of a prolific and acclaimed novelist. As James Lear, he is the author of The Back Passage, The Secret Tunnel, Hot Valley, The Low Road, and The Palace of Varieties. He lives in London. Straight Up "This might make a nice change-of-pace for erotica fans and mystery lovers alike, so if you want a book...

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Books by James Lear

"James Lear…is incredible. He elevates gay erotica genre to a completely different skill level."

-- Gay Book Reviews (Five Star Review)


"...[T]he perfect amount of sex-to-plot.... If hot sex scenes are your thing, then I definitely recommend this one." 

-- The Novel Approach Reviews


"I can safely say that [James Lear] has written some of the best and some of the hottest gay prose that I have ever read." 

-- Reviews by Amos Larsen


"The prose flows, the erotica sizzles, and even the total emptiness of Joe as a character gave me a proper pang in my chest"

-- Jess, Love Bytes Reviews


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