Release Date: June 12, 2018
ISBN: 9781627782562
eISBN: 9781627782579

Raised by Unicorns: Stories from People with LGBTQ+ Parents

by Frank Lowe

In recent years, the world has been saturated by endless blogs, articles, and books devoted to the subject of LGBTQ+ parenting. On the flip side, finding stories written by the children of LGBTQ+ parents is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. Now that the world is more accepting than ever of non-traditional families, it’s time to create a literary space for this not-so-unique, shared, but completely individual experience.

In Raised by Unicorns: Stories from People with LGBTQ+ Parents, Frank Lowe has carefully edited an anthology that reflects on the upbringing of children in many different forms of LGBTQ+ families. From Baby Boomers to Generation Z, it features diverse stories that express the distinctiveness of this shared journey and of each particular family. It’s visceral, raw, and not always pretty, but love is always the common thread.

Lowe candidly reveals true accounts of this particular niche of humanity, while simultaneously creating a moving snapshot of the world in which we live. Raised by Unicorns guides the reader through an empathetic journey that is nothing short of compelling and poignant. We’ve all heard the phrase “raised by wolves.” Now we have a window into the complex world of being Raised by Unicorns.

Check out the adorable book trailer ft. Frank Lowe and his son, Mr. Briggs, in a special new episode of "Driving Mr. Briggs"!

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About the author Frank Lowe

Frank Lowe is a gay, divorced, 41-year-old dad. He is best known for his acerbic handle on Twitter and Instagram (@GayAtHomeDad), and has worked for publications such as The Advocate, HuffPost, and Gays with Kids. His goal is to bring attention to the world of gay parenting. As a result, he has been interviewed by CNN, CBS, OUT, Ozy, HuffPost, and The Today Show, to name a few. He currently lives in Northwestern Connecticut with his precocious 8-year-old...

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Books by Frank Lowe

"Frank candidly explores the most intimate parts of growing up in an LGBTQ+ household. I am honored to recommend this book to ALL parents as an important work in understanding one of the most unique and profound parts of the LGBTQ+ experience as it relates to all families, tolerance, and—most importantly—love.” — Greg Berlanti, writer, producer, director


“How lucky are we to have fought hard enough and lived long enough to hear the voices of the children of LGBTQ+ parents?! Frank Lowe has never been the type to shy away from the truth. And in Raised by Unicorns, this wonderful collection of insights about growing up with LGBTQ+ parents, there are so many inspiring truths waving their flag so proudly.” — Dan Bucatinsky, author of Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?


"Raw, personal, and uncensored, this must-read book gives us insight as to what it’s like to be raised by same-gender parents and how that can impact one’s life." — Eric Rosswood, author of The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads and Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood 


"Frank Lowe has assembled an eye-opening anthology of what it's like to have LGBTQ+ parents.  Raised by Unicorns is a collective portrait of people whose defining characteristic is that they are radically loved and cherished." — Alec Mapa, actor, writer, dad


"Raised by Unicorns lifts the veil on children of LGBTQ+ parents. The book, while never attempting to sugarcoat the realities of growing up with queer parents, leaves the reader with the distinct understanding that despite facing bullying and discrimination along the way, our kids really are alright. From those of us unicorns who are raising children to those in the world who don't believe we should, this book is a powerful eye-opener.  The breadth of voices and perspective that is represented in one compilation of essays helps the reader understand the array of challenges our children face, but it also highlights the underlying strength, empathy, and open-mindedness they seem to develop along the way. If you've ever been curious as to what our children really think about being raised by LGBTQ parents, the honesty of Raised by Unicorns is a great place to start." — Amanda Hopping-Winn, chief program officer, Family Equality Council 


"Raw and unfiltered, Raised by Unicorns captures the experiences of children raised before and after the legalization of same-sex marriage. Lowe breaks new ground, highlighting the dire need for further exploration. (5 Hearts)" — Foreword Reviews


"This uplifting anthology. . . largely conveys the expected upbeat message that loving households produced happy, functional adults. . . .  [N]oteworthy for showcasing a rarely heard perspective." — Publishers Weekly 


"Dysfunctional, dramatic, loving and caring, at the root of it all families are the same...even the ones spearheaded by mythical creatures. Raised by Unicorns offers poignant insight into the lives of several LGBTQ+ families and also a rarely discussed child's perspective on ways love is explained, learned and later experienced based on those early lessons. This book is a teaching guide, a collection of LOL, Awww, and (insert crying emoji here) moments, but ultimately it is a collection of stories that prove what really makes family "normal" is the love and understanding we have to give each other at the end of the day." — Christie James, SF Pride women's stage producer, DJ Pride Radio, iHeartMedia

"LGBTQ+ parents are just like heterosexual parents in that they are as good as any parent in parenting, largely influenced by how they were parented or their reactions to how they were parented.  Thoughtful parenting seems to be reflected in the book, Raised by Unicorns: Stories from People with LGBTQ+ Parents edited by Frank Lowe and its essayists. Parents are not perfect, but gay parents are no less perfect because they are gay. This lovely book highlights the dangers of not being inclusive of diversity and its impact on children and young people, all of whom are sensitive to how their family is accepted."  — Nancy Simons Bean, M.S.W., L.S.C.S.W., Adoption & Counseling Services for Families


"Raised by Unicorns illuminates a single category in a brilliant multiplicity of ways: through the honest, matter-of-fact, but always riveting voices of kids with queer parents. I can't wait to share it with my own kids, as my marginalization is now, I understand, woven from the same fabric as theirs." — Candace Walsh, author of Greetings from Janeland: Women Write More About Leaving Men for Women
"Very highly recommended for community and academic library LBGT collections in general, and LBGT parenting supplemental studies in particular." — Midwest Book Review 

"No matter how you identify, Raised by Unicorns is a beautiful collection that really emphasizes the love of families regardless of who makes up that family." — Nerdy Girl Express


"...As diverse as the colors of the rainbow and there is a story (or even more) for everyone." — Amos Lassen


"A real, honest, and authentic book... [Raised by Unicorns] is compelling, and I do believe more people need to be reading it... For other children of LGBTQ+ parents, this book is good reassurance that they are not alone out there." — The Itinerant Librarian


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