Release Date: April 14, 2020
ISBN: 9781627782982
eISBN: 9781627785112

The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay

by Jessica OReilly PHD, Marla Renee Stewart MA

Wouldn’t you like to tune into your own desires, become a better communicator, and be a more confident, passionate, and attentive lover?

Let this book take you on a journey of sexual exploration. As you explore your own learning and seduction styles (and your lover’s), you’ll dis- cover and experiment with new and exciting ways to stimulate arousal and deepen intimacy: verbal, emotional, and digital seduction, foreplay, eroticizing daily actions, games, fantasy play, mindfulness, and more. Packed with practical exercises, techniques, and creative ideas, this inclusive guide is a surefire way for folks of all genders to master the art of seduction.

Approach your lovers with the confidence and comfort you deserve! Whether you are adding to your repertoire for later or striving to please your current lover, you’ll discover thrilling new pathways to pleasure and intimacy.

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About the author Jessica OReilly PHD

Jessica O’Reilly, PHD is a sex and relationship expert, keynote speaker, television personality and host of the Sex with Dr. Jess Podcast. She holds a PhD in human sexuality with a focus on sex education. She is the author of three best-selling books (The New Sex Bible, Hot Sex Tips, Tricks and Licks and The Little Book of Kink) and her advice reaches millions each month via international media outlets including Showtime,...

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About the author Marla Renee Stewart MA

Marla Renee Stewart, MA  is a Lecturer at Clayton State University and runs her own sexuality education company, Velvet Lips. She is also a Co-Founder of the Sex Down South Conference and the Sexual Liberation Collective. She has studied human sexuality for more than 18 years and has been featured on a variety of media outlets, as well as spoken to various audiences around the world.

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"This book literally covers everything from suggestions for arousal to how to make bedroom life spicier. It has advice on seduction style, fantasies, communication, foreplay, your values, orgasms, props, and more." —Seattle Book Review


"This engaging book is full of tons of easily applicable tips, strategies and examples you and your partner can use to enhance intimacy and increase sexual satisfaction.  It’s loaded with quizzes and diagnostic tools to simplify and streamline your journey towards becoming a more accomplished lover, helping you fulfill your partners desires while satiating your own like never before." —Stephanie Mallick, Plus Model & Body Positive Content Creator


"The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay is a great handbook to seduction. Whether you’re already getting a lot of action or just getting into it, the book is a comprehensive guide to sexual self-discovery and confidence. It’s not condescending nor is it stuffed with jargon, with friendly language that aims to do nothing but help you find sexual success in your own way." —Janet Lovelace of

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