Release Date: August 11, 2020
ISBN: 9781627783095

Fill in the Spank

by Cleis Press

Quick, name a body part that opens . . . How about something you would say to a piece of roast beef?

Decidedly raunchy and potentially raucous, this collection of erotic fill-in-the-blank stories is a wild adult game to play with friends and lovers alike. With 50 different fill-in-the-blank scenes, you can choose just how dirty or droll you want to go. From vampires and volcanoes to fetishes and furries, there’s a sexy short story for every kink, each more hilarious than the last.

Put the kids to bed and spice up your next party (or date night) with Fill in the Spank!

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Fill in the Spank is a great book to have on hand next time you're hoping to throw a sexy party. Keep it on the coffee table for any time an ice breaker is needed or to help fill a lull in activities. Also useful during a date night for two, embrace the silliness and give yourself a chance to giggle -- laughter is a great way to reduce anxiety around sex.

—Stella Harris, Certified Intimacy Educator and Coach and Author of Tongue Tied: Untangling Communication in Sex, Kink, and Relationships and The Ultimate Guide to Threesomes. 


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