Release Date: February 16, 2021
ISBN: 9781627783064
eISBN: 9781627785198

Club 42: A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Fantasy

by Joanna Angel

Naomi, a proud Brooklyn hipster, finds her life is forever changed when she gets fired from her barista job and wanders into a strip club called Club 42. On a whim, Naomi auditions to become a dancer and what happens next . . . is up to you!

Join Naomi as she works the day shift at a Manhattan club where patrons sip on carrot juice instead of beer. From learning the art of the lap dance to giving her ex the “extras” in the VIP room, there’s more to learn here than she ever learned in college. Should she tell her partner—the dreamy, broke musician who is unofficially squatting in her apartment—about her job, or should she learn to lead a double life between two boroughs? Should she experiment with moonlighting as a Dominatrix, or stay in the strip club and submit to her newest crush, exploring her sexuality and her newfound love for exhibitionism as she twerks her way into a new tax bracket? It’s all up to YOU, so grab your stilettos, turn up the early-2000s dance hits, and guide Naomi through this nonstop naked adventure in the city that never sleeps!

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About the author Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel is an award-winning adult film star, director, producer, best selling author, and entrepreneur. She was the owner and founder of the venerated adult studio BurningAngel Entertainment from 2002 to 2019, with Pacific Standard magazine calling her "one of the most powerful feminist icons in the adult industry." She's stormed mainstream media outlets with a mission to defy all stereotypes of sex workers by being a strong, educated, insightful,...

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 Like the city it takes place in, Club 42 is as much a tribute to a bygone era as it is a launching pad for something brand new.  Joanna doesn’t sugarcoat a thing (which shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with her work). Sex sells, sometimes it feels good, sometimes it’s a chore. No matter what, it’s always an adventure.

 —Lina Misitzis, producer of the Pulitzer-winning NPR show, This American Life


After giving an entire generation calluses with her films she has mastered sensual paper cuts of pleasure like a true sadist. 

—Chris Nieratko, Author of Skinema

Joanna Angel’s sophomore effort does it again. Quick, hilarious, and erotic. A must-read for anyone who fantasizes about sex work It’s gritty and glossy all at once. 
—Stoya, writer, Pornographer
It was like I was a newbie stripper and learning all over again how to hustle, and the author's appetite for sex and money is intoxicating. 
—Elle Stanger - exotic dancer, writer, and certified sex educator
A brilliant author who has an amazing sense of sexuality and mystery with everything she does and creates.
Buck Angel, transsexual activist, film actor, producer and public speaker

. . . I smiled a lot, laughed, commiserated, empathized, missed New York City, got envious, got a few boners, and ended up hiring a cruel Dominatrix who does house calls. I assume like most fans of Miss Angel after reading her book, I felt hot, bothered, dirty, and in desperate need of a sound beating!

—Fat Mike, producer and lead vocalist for the punk rock band NOFX


Joanna writes like your funny adventurous best friend who wants to do it all and puts you in the driver’s seat. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for some sexual inspiration with some hot twists.

—Emily Morse, doctor of human sexuality, CEO & founder, Sex With Emily 


Club 42 is an honest, straightforward, and sexy read. Joanna’s on-point descriptions bring you right into her dirty (in the best way) world. Be ready to have some self-pleasure fun with this adventure.  

—Nicoletta Heidegger sex therapist, sexologist, host of sluts and scholars 


Simple and to the point, but embellished with enough real-life drama, personal quirks, and passion, Club 42 is a rare gem that is apt to excite readers while keeping them laughing.

—Cryptic Rock


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