Release Date: September 14, 2021
eISBN: 9781627785303

Your Salt on My Lips (mostly) queer literary erotica

by Liz Asch

Playful, explorative, taboo-smashing, and delectably liberating, Your Salt on My Lips is a mostly-queer collection of literary erotica that will leave you stimulated, satisfied, and yearning for more.

Coquettish or dominant, whimsical or down-and-dirty, Liz Asch explores love, lust, and play across the spectrum of sexuality—replete with orgies, personal discoveries, anachronous adventures, and hallucinatory spins at times amorous and passionate, wild, uninhibited, and unrequited.

As both an artist and author, Asch ascends beyond everyday erotica, dancing from prurient to poetic in thirty-five scintillating shorts that will stimulate so much more than just your sex drive.

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About the author Liz Asch

PHOTO CREDIT: WAYNE BUND   LIZ ASCH is a writer, visual artist, and creative embodiment instructor. She holds a BA from Vassar, an MFA in Creative Nonfiction, and a Masters in Chinese Medicine. Liz hosts Body Land Metaphor Medicine, a collection of surrealist guided visualizations you can listen to on your podcast apps. Liz writes literary erotica, lyric essays, poetry, meditations, and explorations on visual art. An intellectual sensualist, she believes in...

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Books by Liz Asch

Your Salt On My Lips is Liz Asch's love letter to ecstatic bodies. In these eros plunging stories we are brought back to joy, play, passion, tension and release as if desire is a real place a body can enter. . .  I want to eat this book. . .A wetted triumph. A glistening brilliance.


– Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Chronology of Water and The Small Backs of Children


Your Salt on my Lips is fun, well-crafted hotness with a rhythm and lyricism that pleasures on many levels. From bondage and blindfolds, safe words and magic spells, public and private sex, sexting, polyamory, and so much more, this collection might just keep you up all night.


– EJ Colen, author of The Green Condition and Lambda Literary Award Nominee


Liz Asch knows how to work magic. She uses her words to transport you to a sensual world of bodies and heat and lust. Painting a picture both vivid and surreal, to awaken new desires and show you things you’ll long to feel.  These stories don’t just arouse, they celebrate sex in all its many forms. They show that the ways we come together can be anything from an expression of base need to a transcendent ritual, and sometimes both of those things at once. This collection is erotica at its best. 


–  Stella Harris, author of Tongue Tied and The Ultimate Guide to Threesomes


Written with a delightful blend of sensuality and lyricism, the stories in Your Salt on My Lips are an erotic, pansexual feast. Bodies spill into bodies, fantasy washes over reality, English flirts with Spanish, prose gets tongued by poetry: Liz Asch performs a magical, one-woman burlesque that dissolves fixed concepts of gender and genre. She also draws on her life as a healer to guide the reader through intimate meditations that help free us from our past traumas. White-hot and whip-smart, Your Salt on My Lips is the rare collection that stimulates our bodies and our psyches, all the while reinventing the genre of erotica. 


– Justin Hocking, author of The Great Floodgates of the Wonderworld: A Memoir and PS: The Wolves


Whatever your desires, this book will remind you of how lush and lovely and truly vital they are. In Asch’s world, passion and consent are revered and she renders these bawdy, expansive stories with sublime lyricism and joy. 


 – Megan Kruse, author of Call Me Home, winner of the PNBA Book Award (2016)


 If it is not already a genre already, Your Salt On My Lips feels like a pioneer text of "pansexual erotica": every kind of sexual act one could want or imagine appears at least a few times within these pages, as well as many more that push the boundaries of one´s imagination.

— Christian Pan


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