Release Date: June 04, 2024
ISBN: 9781627783378
eISBN: 9781627785501

The Queer Parent: Everything You Need to Know from Gay to Ze

by Lotte Jeffs, Stu Oakley

LGBTQ+ people have more options than ever before when it comes to starting a family, but a lack of both focused information and mainstream representation can leave parents, prospective parents, friends and relatives in the dark.

Authors Lotte Jeffs and Stu Oakley spoke to dozens of experts and queer families, and this hugely-needed book is the product of those conversations and their own experiences of becoming parents through IUI and adoption respectively.

Ninety percent of queer parenting is just . . . parenting, but being LGBTQ+ when you’re a parent does bring with it a host of conundrums that mainstream guides — which tend to assume heterosexuality — do not address.

From adoption, surrogacy, fertility treatment and other routes to parenthood, to donors, trans parenting, how to deal with family-focused homophobia, coming out at the school gates and much more, The Queer Parent is a groundbreaking toolkit for LGBTQ+ parents, parents-to-be, and anyone looking to support their journey. It is a book that redefines the family for the modern age.

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About the author Lotte Jeffs

Lotte Jeffs is an award-winning magazine writer, editor, author and podcaster. They are a contributing editor for Grazia and have hosted the award-winning podcast Some Families as well as Grazia Life Advice. Lotte writes for broadsheet newspapers and international magazines and was previously Deputy Editor of ELLE. Lotte’s first children’s book My Magic Family, is published by Puffin, and her debut novel will be published by Dialogue in 2024. Lotte...

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About the author Stu Oakley

Stu Oakley is a film publicist and award-winning podcaster. Stu has written a number of opinion pieces for the Guardian, Grazia, ELLE and Attitude. In his day job as a film publicist, Stu has worked on some of the biggest film franchises of all time including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Frozen and Jurassic World. He thought he was well-versed in dealing with divas . . . until he had toddlers!...

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Praise for the UK edition:


A beacon of support, information, reassurance and hope.


—Romy, The xx


Clever, moving and hilarious in parts too—this is a brilliant read for all parents.


—Lena de Casparis, Associate Editor of ELLE


I wish this book had been available when my kids were young. It would have made me feel less alone.


—Mary Portas


An indispensable and urgently necessary guide to parenthood in all its forms.


—Elizabeth Day


A fantastic read. Full of knowledge, empathy, laughs and above all hope.


—Suzi Ruffell


Not only does this book need to exist but queer parents like Lotte and Stu needed to step up and write it themselves. I for one am ecstatic that they have.


—Freddy McConnell


Eye-opening and a vital read for understanding how LGBTQ+ parents are redefining family structures.


—Anna Whitehouse, AKA Mother Pukka


Answers every question you could have about LGBTQ+ families. A must read.


—Will Young


This book is a vital insight into the spectrum of modern family.


—Chris Sweeney,  Homo Sapiens  podcast


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